BROWNIE is a magazine about how photography can change our lives. It is a magazine aimed at uncovering the value of photography, and its relevance to everyday life. Like the iconic camera that it is named after, it believes in making photography accessible to everyone by sharing inspirational stories about life through photography.

Volume One discusses about the ‘Human Connections’ behind photography. Through personal stories, conversations with photographers, observations and a photo book, we dive into the connections that bind our hearts, and into the disconnections that keep us safe. We look at how photography takes us behind the curtains of humanity, to see the invisible ties that make our hearts beat.

Volume One details:
21cm x 27.5cm, 180 pages, bilingual (English and Chinese), including a photo-zine (16.2cm x 22.95cm, 24 pages). ISBN 978-7-0558-9 /J.169

Volume One stories:
On Solitude / Alone In The Universe / Insular Landscapes / Through The Looking Glass / Interconnections / The Accident / Nature and Us / Old Mum, New Tricks / The Void / I Will Be Your Follower

Volume One contributors and photographers:
Yining He
Rebecca Toh
Alejandro R. Batista
Lee Chang Ming
Tereza Červeňová
Gabriel Gauffre
Svala Ragnars
Paul Chu
Chaoyu Li
Ting Cheng

Featured stories:

We talked to Rebecca Toh about whether loneliness can be a beautiful thing through her photo series Alone In The Universe. Every shot showed a lonely figure finding a moment of peace in the crowded city, almost like a scene from a Wong Kar Wai movie.

Alejandro R. Batista expresses what it means to grow up cut off from the rest of the world on the Canary Islands through his photo series Insular Landscapes. While disconnected from the rest of the world, they form a closer connection to their own geography and landscape, where the sea is always a reference point.

In “Interconnections”, we caught up with Tereza Červeňová about her photography work, which touches upon the idea that our identities are shaped by the people around us and also by spaces and memories. The cover of our magazine is Tereza’s younger brother Adam, whom she continuously photographs over the years as a way of seeing herself in him by watching him grow.

We discuss with Icelandic photographer Svala Ragnars in “Nature and Us”, whose work questions and provokes our relationship with Mother Nature through her photo series of hydroelectric energy plants in Iceland, the Orka project.

In “Old Mum, New Tricks”, Paul Chu identifies a new mother-daughter dynamic with the rise of Instagram and how mothers have become the perfect photographer for their daughters as a way for them to show their love.

Ting Cheng finds new and playful ways to show affection towards plants, which is something important for her whenever she settles down in a new place. Having plants makes her feel responsible, as she has to ensure that they both grow healthily together in the new place. We worked with her to create a photo zine inside the magazine, called I Am Your Follower.

《BROWNIE 布朗尼》是一本由攝影而開啟的期刊。

圍繞著攝影如何改變我們的生活,它意在發現當代攝影的無限價值、探索攝影與生活的有趣聯結。正如“布朗尼”一詞的由來 — 那臺改變世界的傳奇相機,它的初衷是把攝影傳遞給每一個人,而傳遞的聲道便是分享攝影中那一則則靈光四濺的故事。


21cm x 27.5cm, 180頁, 中英雙語, 內含一本 Photo-zine (16.2cm x 22.95cm, 24頁),ISBN 978-7-0558-9 /J.169

關於離群索居 / 獨自在宇宙 / 孤島風景 / 透過窺鏡 / 互聯 /
意外 / 荒野人蹤 / 老媽新招 / 虛無 / 我是你的追隨者

Rebecca Toh
Alejandro R. Batista
Tereza Červeňová
Gabriel Gauffre
Svala Ragnars
我們和 Rebecca Toh 聊了聊她的攝影系列 Alone In The Universe(獨自在宇宙)是否傳達了孤獨的美感。系列中的每一張照片都捕捉了一位在擁擠的城市中形單影只的人,好似王家衛電影中的場景。

Alejandro R. Batista 以他的 Insular Landscapes(孤島風景)系列講述了在遺世獨立的島嶼長大的故事。在與世隔絕的同時,島民們與他們獨屬的地貌和風景建立了緊密的聯系,在那裏海洋是永恒的參照點。

在 “Interconnections”(互聯)一文中,Tereza Červeňová 用她的攝影作品告訴我們,我們的身份是由身邊的人、空間和記憶所塑造的。這期刊物的封面正是 Tereza 的弟弟 Adam,她多年來持續拍攝他的肖像,以此在他的成長中看見自己的影子。

在 “Nature and Us” (荒野人蹤)中,我們和冰島攝影師 Svala Ragnars 圍繞她的 Orka(能量)項目探討了人與自然的關系,該攝影項目拍攝了一系列地熱和水電能源站——冰島所罕見的人造景觀。

在 “Old Mum, New Tricks”(老媽新招)中,Paul Chu(朱學謙)闡述了 Instagram 熱潮所催生的一種新型母女動態關系,解釋了母親們是如何在母愛的驅動下成為女兒們的禦用攝影師。

鄭婷找到一種新穎而玩味的方式去傳達對植物的情感。每次遷至新居,栽培植物對她而言意義非凡,它們賦予她責任感,賦予她和植物一同在新住所健康成長的使命。我們與她合作創作了一本書中書:一本名為 I Am Your Follower(我是你的追隨者)的 Photo-zine。

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