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“Would I be happy that the last thing I did in life, was making a web banner for an energy company?”

When the Tohoko earthquake happened in 2011, Harvard could not get the mental image of a car trying to escape from a giant tsunami wave out of his head. He didn’t want to have any regrets in life, and so he quit his full-time job to pursue what he wanted to do.

Isn’t It Great to be Here? is the story of how Harvard Wang walked away from an advertising career and became a photographer. Told through short personal stories, each chapter offers a nugget of wisdom that Harvard learnt while figuring out how to capture happiness through his lens, and most importantly, on how to become a happier person.

Interweaved with Harvard’s insightful words are over 200 pages of his beautiful photography work, from his daily life to weddings to food photography to his wife, giving us a visual narrative of his journey to becoming a full-time photographer. Together with the bilingual text, the entire book is 316 pages thick, and bound in hardcover. This book is a photo book of Harvard’s work as much as it is about his personal life story.

About the Author

Born in Klang, Malaysia, Harvard went to Melbourne, Australia to study Architecture. He quit after half a semester and changed his course in life to creative advertising. He became an art director in 2007, but was retrenched in 2010. In that same year, he also shot his first wedding. When the 2011 Tohoku earthquake happened in Japan, he decided to leave his advertising career to pursue photography.


Format: Hardcover, 21cm x 15cm
Volume: 316 pages
Language: English/Chinese
Publisher: volume press
Circulation: 500 copies


2011年,Harvard 在電視上看見了日本東北部地震災難引起的巨大海嘯,追趕著一輛小車。那輛小車令他辭了工作,開始追求一個沒有遺憾的人生。

『Isn’t It Great to be Here?』是 Harvard Wang 告別廣告界,成為攝影師的故事。透過一系列的短文,每個章節包含了他在相機後捕捉幸福時所領悟到的種種學問,以及如何讓自己更快樂的種種啟示。

本書紀錄了 Harvard 超過 200 頁的獨特攝影。讀者可以從他的婚紗,美食,日常生活的攝影中體會他成為全職攝影師的旅程。 在这本 316 頁的精裝書里,也包含了他中英文的自白。這不但是一本關於攝影的書,也是一則人生故事。


Harvard 生於馬來西亞吧生, 澳洲墨爾本大學建築系深造, 中途輟學, 轉念墨爾本皇家理工大學廣告設計,  2007 年就業廣告社美術總監。 2010 年人生第一次被裁員, 也拍攝了人生第一次婚禮攝影。 2011 年的日本東北地震災難,讓他毅然離開廣告界,全心追求攝影。


尺寸/21cm x 15cm
出版/volume press

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