The feeling of getting lost is wonderful because you can find yourself again. It’s almost like starting from scratch. Resetting the palette. Soul-searching. Learning a new perspective. Acquiring fresh ingredients for life. Forgetting who you were. Forging a new self. And then getting lost again.

The first issue of LOST is 17.5cmx24cm, 320-pages thick, billingual (English & Chinese), and features stories from 14 different travellers. 

Issue One stories:
If I Can’t Help Being On The Road, I Would Choose To Set Out Ignorantly / Alone / Communicate. No? Possible. / Forty-eight Hours At Sea / On The Road / The Mountain Man / Ten Days In Vietnam / Enjoy Life, Gingerly / Lost And Found / Everyday Is A Life Journey / Growing Up With Travel / An Unwinding Trip / A Never-seen Old Friend / From Selangor To Nagano

Issue One contributors:
Wing Wu
Tori Dang
Crystal Wong
Nelson Ng
Winny Wang
Kevin Lunsong
Shanshan Quan
Leon Lin
Richard Summers
Ka Xiaoxi
Paul Hwang
Momo Shou
Jimmy Chen
Driv Loo

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